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There’s no room for anymore baseball teams in the city of Chicago but surely it could use a couple more jerseys.

Inspired by the rich history and tradition of the “Chicago Stockings” and “Cubbies” we decided to make our own pinstripe uniform.

The madison+.Harlem bulldogs wear pinstripes on game day but depending on if they are home or away will give you two different attitudes and styles.

away+.Team: harlem cream jerseys with black pinstripes are what the bulldogs wear on the road. Black buttons zip up the front of they jersey with Bulldogs emblazoned across the chest in an edgy black font with yellow bordering. The classic patch moves from the chest to the left sleeve on the away jersey. Harlem and the number 2 stay consistent with the lettering on the front to complete the edgy look.

Everyone knows when in Chicago you can choose between multiple teams but away it’s only Chicago.