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Inspired by the Chicago Blackhawks we bring to you the hockey+.jersey. Chicago is a sports town with a ton of championship history. With so many major league teams sometimes you have a battle between the Sox and Cubs or if you’re a Bulls fan or a fan of Michael Jordan but everyone in the city is a Blackhawks fan. If you’re a fan of the Blackhawks you’re a fan of madison+.Harlem.

The hockey jersey is made of a smooth butter cream polyester cotton. Our logo this time shows up in a black and white patch centered directly under the v neck drawstrings so there is no question what team you are repping. Other features that you will love are the leather numbers that come from our fall collection madison+.Rust jackets. So many details, so many ways to wear. 

There are so many ways to rock this I’ll keep my styling suggestions to a min. How do you plan to rock it?



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